Are you looking for a good quality rear view mirror camera system that has some of the most advanced features?

These models are ideal for you then!

In this article, we bring you all of the pros of getting yourself a rear mirror camera as well as some of the currently most popular models you can find. All of these models we mentioned will keep you safe and protected even on the longest drives.


Things To Consider When Buying A Mirror Cam

What Is A Mirror Dash Cam?

A mirror dash cam is a dash cam you mount to your rearview mirror inside of the car together with the screen it comes with. The screen usually covers your original rear view mirror and shows a bigger picture captured by the dash camera. When you turn off the screen you can also use it as the normal rearview mirror.

What Features Are The Most Common With Mirror Dash Cams?

They usually come with one or two cameras, front and rear and they have the night vision feature which allows it to record good quality footage at night. They are super easy to install- all you have to do is mount the camera and the screen over your original rear view mirror. Some have additional features such as Parking mode, waterproof design, etc.

Which Rear View Mirror Camera Models Do We Recommend?

Aside from the top 5 models reviewed later in this article, we recommend a few other models by some of the most popular dash cam brands. They are the Ford F150 rear view mirror backup camera, Xiaomi 70mai mirror camera, Echomaster dynamic mirror and reversing camera, etc.

Best 5 Car mirror Camera Reviews

Best Monitor Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Yi Mirror Dash Cam

Dual-Recording HD Cameras

The first car mirror camera in this article is going to be the Yi mirror dash camera model. It comes with two HD cameras- the front-facing camera and the rear camera, Th front camera comes with the 1080p resolution while the rear camera has the resolution of 720p. The rear camera is dust and waterproof while the front camera has the 138° all-glass lens with an f/2.0 aperture. That way it can record three traffic lanes at once comfortably during the day and night.

Yi Mirror Dash Cam

Integrated LCD Screen

With this rear view mirror camera, you also get an LCD touch screen that you can use to control the dash cam as well as to preview all that is recorded. On this screen, you will also get the driving fatigue alerts. They will appear after two hours of continuous driving. They offer even more safety when driving on long roads.

App Connection

One of the great things about this dash cam is that it comes with the built-in Wifi and you can, therefore, connect it to the Yi Dash App on your smartphone. The app is free to download and allows you to view videos in real-time as well as playback them later. With the built-in 2.4GHz wireless module you can download and share the videos to your social media whenever and wherever you are.

Yi Mirror Dash Cam review

Simple Set-Up

One of the benefits of this mirror dash cam is that it is made out of material that can easily be mounted to your rearview mirror and stay in place while you are driving. It is super easy to install all you have to do is mount it over the original rearview mirror with the adjustable elastic straps. The straps along with a few other accessories are included in the package.


  • 138° all-glass front lens
  • 1080p front lens resolution
  • 720p rear lens resolution
  • built-in 2.4GHz wireless module
  • accessories are included

Best HD Mirror Dash Cam

Chicom Mirror Dash Cam

Wide And Adjustable Viewing Angle

The Chicom mirror dash cam is the next dash camera model we want to share. It consists of the front rotating and rear dash camera. They both record all of the footage in the HD 1080p resolution. The front camera can also rotate for 350-degrees and you can adjust its viewing angle how you like it. The front camera has a 170-degree viewing angle, while the back camera has a viewing angle of 140-degrees.

Chicom Mirror Dash Cam

Touch Screen For Media Streaming

Along with two cameras, you also get the 10-inch full touch screen mirror that has four times greater field of vision than a traditional rear view mirror. It allows you to see more traffic information and reduces all of the blind areas. The touch screen makes it super user-friendly.

Night Vision And Parking Feature

This rear view mirror dash cam also comes with the night vision technology that allows you to record good quality footage even if the lighting conditions are not the best. The Chicom mirror dash cam backup camera will also display some guidelines to assist you when you are trying to park your car in reverse.

Chicom Mirror Dash Cam review

What Will You Find Within The Box?

Along with the touch screen mirror dash cam, you will find the backup camera, car charger and the cable for the rear camera. You also get the two rubber straps for fixing the front camera and the user manual for all of the installation and operation instructions. The installation consists only of mounting this dash cam over the original rearview mirror by using the adjustable elastics.


  • HD 1080p resolution
  • The front camera can rotate 350-degrees
  • guidelines to assist parking
  • installation and operation equipment included

Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera

Toguard Backup Rearview Front And Rear Mirror Dash Cam

Simultaneous Recording

Another one of the best mirror dash cams is the Toguard mirror dash cam which comes with the front view and the rear view camera. The front camera records in the 1080p resolution while the rear captures everything in 480p resolution. Both cameras can record their footage at the same time.

Toguard Backup Camera

Simple And Modern Design

There is also a 7″ touch screen which will provide you with a clearer view of what’s being recorded. The IPS screen has an ultra-thin design which makes the entire model seem more modern and elegant. You can choose between five view modes on the screen. They are the full-screen display, front/rear view or picture-picture display. You can also turn off the display and use it as the regular rear view mirror.

Kit For Safe Parking

The rear view camera on this model has another great benefit. It will give you guidelines when you start to park your vehicle in reverse. You can even switch to the full screen to get a better idea of what you are doing. That way you won’t even have to turn around when you park in reverse, which is something many people will like.

Toguard Backup Camera review

Installation And Equipment

You will get the mirror dash cam along with a couple of included accessories. They are the 11-feet car charger, 18-feet cable for the rear camera, 3 rubber straps for fixing the front camera, a user manual and a wide 7-inch touch screen. The dash camera is easy to install and you don’t even have to remove the factory rearview mirror in your car. Jus easily attaches the dash cam to the rearview mirror with the given rubber straps. Then connect the charger and hide the extra cable into the interior panel with the pry tool you get.


  • 1080p front lens resolution
  • 480p rear lens resolution
  • 7″ IPS touch screen

Best Car Rear View Mirror With Front And Rear View Camera

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam Front And Rear

Dual Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

When it comes to rear and front rear view mirror dash cam category, the best model we could find is the Junsun mirror dash cam. It is a dual mirror view dash cam which comes with the 1080p resolution and 170° wide viewing angle. It is also equipped with the 10-inch sensitive IPS screen that will provide you with the best possible visual experience. You can operate it just by swiping your fingers and it can work as the normal rear view mirror after screen saver is on.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam Front And Rear

Technology For The Night Vision Feature

Two other features included with this dashcam are the F1.8 super big aperture and 6 glass lens. They are used to collect more light and to eliminate the need for any auxiliary light sources. You will get sharp and color-accurate images during the day and night. To create more balanced footage in different lighting conditions you will get the Wide Dynamic Range Technology.

Wide Working Temperature

Another feature that is worth mentioning is that this dash cam can endure very extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The working temperature ranges from -25 to 60 °C, which allows you to record with this model in almost any climate.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam Front And Rear review

Easy Set up

The great thing about this product is that the materials used for this dash cam make it easier for you to mount it to the rearview mirror. Once you do that it will sta yin place all the time while you are driving. For the installation, you can simply use the given equipment.


  • 1080p resolution
  • 170° wide viewing angle
  • The 10-inch sensitive IPS screen
  • Wide Dynamic Range Technology
  • 8 super big aperture and 6 glass lens

Best Car Rear View Mirror With Dual Camera Dash Cam

Akaso Mirror Dash Camera

Amazing Coverage And Resolution With Both Cams

The last model in this article is going to be another one of the dual car rear view mirror cameras. It is by the brand Aksaso and it consists of the front and rear camera that record in 1080p resolution with the 170° wide viewing angle. It records all of the details on the road while you are driving and has the complete coverage of 340-degrees, which covers up to 5 traffic lanes at once.

Akaso Mirror Dash Camera

Record At Night And Store Automatically

For a super night vision feature, you will get the advanced Sony IMX307 sensor and the F1.8 6 glass fixed-focus lens. They will provide you with a more soft and clear image even when the lighting is low.  All of the footage is saved on the 32 GB SD card that is included in the package. If you want you can get a bigger SD card, up to 128 GB.

Easy And Safe Parking

This mirror dash cam will automatically switch to the reversing image when you start to drive your car in reverse. If you want to park your car in reverse, you can also get parking assistance with a few guidelines on how to do it easily. With the built-in Parking Monitor, this dashcam can record and save videos if your car is scratched by someone during parking.

Akaso Mirror Dash Camera review

What’s Included

Aside from this DL9 dash cam model and the rear camera you also get the 32 GB SD card, Rear Extension Cable, Car Charger Adapter, two Straps, 3M Pads, Screws, a crowbar with five cable clips and a quick guide you can follow for all the instructions.


  • 170° wide viewing angle front and rear
  • complete coverage of 340-degrees
  • 32 GB SD card included
  • built-in Parking Monitor

Conclusion: What IsThe Best Car View Mirror Camera?

In my opinion, two of the best models in the rear view mirror camera category are the Chicom Mirror Dash Cam and the Junsun Mirror Dash Cam Front And Rear. Chiom dash cam has the 350-degree viewing angle and the 1080p HD resolution while the Junsun Mirror Dash cam also has the full HD 1080p resolution with the full night vision equipment and the 10-inch sensitive IPS screen.

Other great dash cam models can be found in the best dash cams article. If you are interested in the best-hidden car camera models, read another one of our articles. All of the best 4k dash cam models are gathered in the full article on that topic.