Out of all the dash cam brands, it is not easy to choose one for yourself. Dash cams today are no longer luxury, but necessity. They are your best friend in the time of need on the road – in the car accidents and the case of theft. In the case of these scenarios, you will need evidence for your insurance company to cover the damage.

Today I will present to you some of the Waylens dash cams, as very popular on the North American dash cam market. To find out why they are maybe the right dash cams for you, read my Waylens dash cam reviews.


Waylens Dash Cam: Innovative Automotive Camera Technologies

About Waylens Brand

Waylens is an American dash cam brand that creates automotive cameras. It was born in 2014 in Boston. First Waylens’s dash cam, Horizon, was launched in 2015. Waylens today is a global business with more than 40 employees in Boston, Cincinnati and Shanghai. They create innovative car technologies.

Where To Buy Waylens Dash Cams?

There is a Waylens online shop on their official webpage. If you want to purchase on some other web-page other than the official, check out Amazon as a top-reliable online seller that often has coupons and discounts. Keep in mind that Waylens cameras are popular and often out of stock!

Waylens Dash Camera Price Range

Waylens dash cams are more expensive than most of the other car dash brands. Waylens company justifiest it with the main difference between Waylens and other dash cam brands: 360 degree HD field of view dashboard automotive camera (Waylens Secure 360 and Waylens 360 models).

Waylens Customer Support And Warranty

Waylens customer support is available to help with any problems with the purchased product. Warranty for repair or replacement lasts for 1 year after purchasing the product. If the product is out of warranty, there is a repair service procedure option. Waylens will repair or replace the product, but without paying the shipping.

Top 3 Waylens Dash Cam Reviews

Waylens Secure 360 Dash Cam Review

Waylens HD Dashboard Automotive Camera

Waylens secure 360 is a single lens 360 degree view camera. That means that the camera lens can see all of the angles around itself. You can rotate it and change the field of view according to your needs at the moment.

Waylens Secure 360 Dash Cam

360 Dash Cam WiFi

There is a hotspot in the suction mount that connects to your phone and allows you to see the videos your Waylens 360 took. To watch the videos successfully, it is important to have a phone, using the Waylens Secure app. You can also upload and share these videos on the cloud, or internally. This way you have easy access to the needed evidence.

Waylens Secure Radar Sensor

When you are not in the car while it is parked, someone could approach and try to steal your car. As this happens, the radar sensor wakes the Waylens 360 up and starts recording.
In the case of breaking the window, secure 360 Waylens starts the recording and automatic uploading it to the cloud, on your SD card and also sends the notification to your phone.

Waylens Secure 360 Dash Cam review

Waylens 360 Camera

Since Waylens 360 records from all angles, you can choose which angle to watch. There are three options: 180 degree front camera, 180 degree rear camera, and a split screen. Split screen allows you to view half of the front and rear images combined in one.

Waylens 360 Price Point And Release Date

Waylens Secure 360 has been released in January 2019. The price varies, it was much higher before the releasing on the Secure 360 4G version. Check out Amazon for the discounts.


  • 360 degree vision, single lens, night vision
  • WiFi, Waylens Secure app
  • secure radar sensor
  • ambarella Camera processor
  • advanced sensor Fusion

Waylens Secure360 4G Review

Waylens 360 4G: Battery And The Parking Mode

While you’re parked the parking mode is on. Waylens Secure 360 4G does not drain the battery to the fullest while in the parking mode. Secure 360 4G works in a low-power mode. It has a designed advanced parking management system so that the battery can last 360 hours or 15 days in the parking mode.

Waylens Secure360 4G

Secure 360 4G Dash Cam And Radar System

Just like the previous model, Secure 360 4G also has the radar system to prevent footages from erasing and stealing from the car. When the suspicious bump occurs, Waylens 360 4G automatically saves the footage to the cloud, SD card, and sends a notification to the phone. This notification happens instantly, in the moment of activating the radar system.

Waylens Secure 360 4G Data Plan

When the Waylens Secure 360 4G wakes the radar up, the camera does not use the data while it’s on. It uses data only when something happens.
After activating the camera, Waylens gives you a free month of data. This is only available in North America. After using the free data, you choose the data package depending of your needs. Most usually, it is 1GB per month.

Waylens Secure360 4G review

Live Event Video

With your Secure 360 4G you can live stream any event from any location in the real time. You also get a notification at the exact time the event happened. That way you can act when it is not too late!

Waylens 360 4G Release Date

Waylens 4G has been released in September 2019. The camera is very popular and sometimes out of stock. Keep the track on Waylens webshop and Amazon if you want to purchase this camera.


  • 360 degree vision
  • WiFi, 4G, GPS
  • secure cloud upload
  • live event video
  • 4G data plan

Waylens Horizon Dash Cam Review

Waylens Horizon HD

The camera itself is 1080P Full HD@60 fps. The lens is combined with the 7 elements and a circular OLED display screen that looks magnificent. Waylens Horizon is a true HD dash camera with the OBDII sensor transmitter that helps create a high definition.

Waylens Horizon Dash Cam

Performance Data Recorder

Besides being a dash cam, Waylens Horizon has another function – performance data recorder. Horizon shows time, temperature, speed, GPS, engine speed etc. This dash cam is very practical for tracking these features if you need them to be tracked.

Waylens Horizon Car Mount

The car mount is the connection between your windshield and the camera itself. You have to stick it to the windshield, rotate it clockwise and lock it with the wheel. When it is stable, you can attach your camera to it. It has not shown solidity like the suction mount some dash cams have.
The USB adapter cannot be used as a car mount connection because it doesn’t have a GPS system.

Waylens Horizon Dash Cam review

The Waylens Horizon WiFi

Waylens Horizon has a great app to watch and share your footages. You just have to connect to the Waylens Horizon WiFi and the app will display on your phone. You can choose from two different formate data with the app, watch footages, and share them on social media. It will also show the video location if you like so. Editing, adding music and clips are also available.


  • 1080P Full HD@60fps
  • 7 lens element, OBDII sensor transmitter
  • OLED display
  • Performance data recorder

Waylens Secure 360 Installation

For the installation, you will need the Waylens Secure 360 camera, the mounting plate, the OBDII power cable. First, you need to locate the OBD port in the car. It is mostly on the driver’s side. After finding the OBD port, you have to plug in the power cable. You tuck in the cable under the plastic on the top of your windshield, to the point where your Waylens Secure 360 is located.

Waylens Secure 360 Car Mount

Before installing the car mount make sure that your windshield is clean. After that, attach a mounting plate to your windshield. After the car mount is firm and solid, attach the camera and plug it on. Tuck in any cable left. Don’t forget to put the SD card in the camera!

Conclusion: Do You Need Waylens Secure 360 Dash Cam?

If you are looking for a user-friendly, well-designed camera that can capture the footages from all the angles you choose, Waylens Secure 360 dash cam is your answer. With the Waylens app it couldn’t be easier to use, and the camera quality is very high.

If you aren’t convinced that this is the right brand for you due to the budget, read my post about cheap cam models. Also, check out my post about Uber dash cameras or you can check them all in one place by reading my post about best dash cams.