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In this article, you can read all about the brand itself as well as reviews on their top five best dash cameras. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to choose the best model for yourself and stay safe on the road!


Things To Know Before Buying An Uniden Dash Cam

About The Brand

The brand Uniden was established in 1966 by Hidero Fujimoto. The headquarters of this company is in Tokyo, Japan while the Uniden’s American Corporation has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Nowadays the company has become the leading developer of today’s most cutting-edge technology.

What Product Do They Offer?

Uniden’s products include commercial video surveillance systems, wireless video surveillance systems, business telecommunications systems, scanners, FRS/GMRS radios, VHF marine radios as well as the other wireless personal communications products. Today, we are going to focus specifically on the Uniden dash cams, which come in a big variety of models.

Where To Find Their Products?

Since its establishment, Uniden has gotten a variety of retailers and distributors across North, Central and South America. Some places to find their products are Walmart, HomeDepot, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. We recommend Amazon because there you can find the biggest variety of their models. Also, all of the models we used for today article can be found on Amazon.com

Best 5 Uniden Dash Cam Reviews

Best Uniden Full Hd Dash Cam

Uniden DC115 Dash Camera

Front And Rear Camera

The first Uniden dash cam we are going to mention in this article is the Iwitness DC115 model. This one comes with dual cameras and a 120-degree wide-angle view. With the front and rear camera not only will you be able to see the road in front, but also behind you as well.

Uniden DC115 Dash Camera

Video Resolution

The resolution of all of the recorded videos is 1080p and all of the videos are in HD. Thanks to the Infrared Night Vision mode, all of the footage is crystal clear at nighttime as well.

Uniden DC115 Dash Camera review

Store And Watch Later

All of the videos are being recorded automatically, whenever motion sensors detect motion. You can rewatch the footage thanks to the 2.7″ color LCD screen. All of the footage is also automatically saved on the microSD card. There I san 8GB microSD card included in the package. One of the benefits is that all of the footage has a time and date stamp on them which makes it easier for you to find afterward.


  • Dual camera
  • 120-degree wide-angle view
  • 7″ color LCD screen
  • time and date stamp on the footage
  • Infrared night vision

 Best Uniden Front And Rear Dash Cam

Uniden DC1 Dash Cam

Dual Camera Features

Next on our best Uniden dash cam list is the Uniden Iwitness DC1 model which comes with the front and rear camera for even better coverage. The front camera records all of the videos in 1080p HD resolution, while the rear camera has 720p resolution. The front camera has a 140° viewing angle which allows you to see the road ahead, but also the periphery.

Uniden DC1 Dash Cam

Video And Audio

You can see all of the footage on the 1.5” color LCD screen that comes with this Uniden DC1 dash cam. Because of the built-in microphone, you will also be able to record the audio, not just the video. All of the recordings are saved automatically on the MicroSD card that comes in the package.

More Protection

Another benefit is the Loop Recording feature which overwrites the old footage once the memory card is full. You will also get the G-sensor with the Collision Detection Mode, so you get alerts when you are approaching the object in front of you or drifting out of your lane.

Uniden DC1 Dash Cam

In The Package

In the package, aside from this Uniden dash cam DC1, you will get the mount, car charger, USB cable, and the 8 GB memory card. The batteries are already included in the package and are rechargeable. The installation of this Uniden DC1 full HD dash cam is super easy- all you have to do is mount it and start driving.


  • 140° viewing angle
  • Front and rear HD cameras
  • Collision Detection Mode
  • 5” color LCD screen

Best Uniden Crash Cam

Uniden DC11 Dash Cam

Another one of the Uniden dash cam models we want to share with you is the Uniden DC11 dash cam. This model was designed to capture everything, from the driver to the road. It will give you the best protection no matter where you are driving to!

Camera Specifications

The camera on the Uniden dash cam DC11 comes with the 120-degree view angle which allows you to see the road in front, but also the sides by the road. All of the recorded videos are in 1080p HD resolution.

Uniden DC11 Dash Cam

Store And Rewatch The Footage

The great thing about this product is that it comes with the 1.5″ Color LCD screen where you can see all the recorded videos. There are an 8 GB microSD card included in the package where all of the recorded videos are saved automatically. If you want more storage, it supports microSD cards up to 32 GB. All of the videos are continuously recorded with the Loop Recording feature and built-in microphone.

Uniden DC11 Dash Cam review

Other benefits

The set up for this Uniden dash cam is super easy and quick. You also get all of the needed accessories and equipment such as the power adapter, mount, etc. already included. Another great feature is the G-Sensor with the Collision Detection, which will alert you are rapidly approaching the object in front of you.


  • 5″ Color LCD screen
  • 120-degree view angle
  • 1080p HD resolution

Best Uniden Dual Lens Dash Cam

Uniden DC360 iWitness Dual-Camera

Combined Front And Rear Lens

Next Uniden dash camera we are going to mention is the Iwitness DC360 model. This one comes with the dual-lens camera that has a 180-degree wide-angle of view. When you combine the front and the rear lens, the overall resolution of the footage is 1280p. You also get a Loop Recording feature as well as the built-in microphone in it.

Uniden DC360 iWitness Dual-Camera

Reliable Technology

This product will help you keep an eye and ear on the road while you are driving. Because car accidents do sometimes happen this Uniden 360 dash cam provides you with the law enforcement and insurance proof to know who was at fault.

Uniden DC360 iWitness Dual-Camera review

Other Benefits

With this Uniden DC360 Iwitness dash cam, you will also get the G-sensor with collision detection mode and motion detection. That way whenever you are rapidly approaching another car in front of you or starting to drift out of your lane, you can get alerts before the accident happens. When the parking mode is on, the recording will automatically start when motion has been detected.


  • 180-degree wide-angle
  • the G-sensor with collision detection
  • Parking mode
  • 1280p resolution
  • Front and Rear Lens

 Best Uniden Dual Dash Cam

Uniden DC720 Dual Camera

Wide Viewing Angle

The last Uniden dash camera we are going to mention today is the DC720 dash cam model which comes with the dual cam. When you combine the front and the rear camera viewing angle you will get a total of 720° viewing angle. This means the entire road in front, at the back and on the side is covered and there are no blind spots.

Uniden DC720 Dual Camera

Equipment Included

With this Uniden DC720, you will also get a 16GB memory card included where all the footage is automatically saved. You will also get the OLED screen where you can rewatch all of the recordings. Batteries are also included and they are rechargeable.

Uniden DC720 Dual Camera review

Other Benefits

One of the major benefits of this Uniden dash camera is that it has Wifi capability and can connect to your smartphone. From your smartphone, you can get the information on your location, time, current speed, etc. Another two features you will get are the Parking mode and collision detection.


  • 720° viewing angle
  • No blind spots
  • 16GB memory card included
  • Connects to your smartphone

Conclusion: What Is The Best Uniden Dash Cam At The Moment?

After reviewing the top 5 dash cam models by the brand Uniden which I would all recommend, I still chose two models as the best ones. The first one is the Uniden 720 dash cam which comes with a front and rear lens as well as a 720° viewing angle. It can connect to your smartphone, which is a major befit. The second one is the Uniden DC360 model, which is also a dual-lens camera. The combined resolution of the front and the rear camera is 1280p.

If you would like to read more about the top dual dash cam models, check out another one of our articles! When it comes to wireless dash cams, we also gathered and reviewed the top five models. Overall, the best dash cam models divided into different categories can be found in our primary article on the link.