Do you want to know what is going on inside of your car, but also have the recordings of the road in front of you?

Then you need to get an inside car camera!

With this device, you can be safe if you are a taxi or an uber driver, but you can also use it if you have a big family or small children. Hopefully, you can find something you like amongst the top five products we reviewed in detail below.


Tips For Looking For The Best Camera To Record Inside Car

Why Would I Even Need An Interior Dash Cam?

If you thought having a front and occasionally a rear dash cam is enough, you were wrong! Having an inside dash cam is just as important as having the front or back dash cam. They record your car cabin, so you know what is going on behind your seat at each moment. They are great if you are an uber driver, taxi driver or if you just like to keep an eye on your kids when you are driving with the whole family.

What Features Do Inside Car Cameras Have?

Inside the car, cameras come with all of the features the regular front cameras have. You should look for one with a high resolution and a wide-angle. However, usually, they will come with the infrared lights that allow for it to record in dark conditions.

Where Should I Go If I Want To Buy An Inside Dash, Cam?

If you want the best possible offer, we advise you to go online. In different smaller or bigger retailer shops you can find different brands and their models which are usually shipped worldwide. Amazon is also a great option where you can find all of the models that we have mentioned below in the text.

Best 5 Dash Cam For Inside Car Reviews

Best Security Camera For Inside Car

Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam For Uber & Lyft Drivers

Dash Cam For Rideshare Drivers

The first model on our best interior dash cam list is the Nexar Pro Dual dash cam model which was specifically designed for the Uber and Lyft drivers. You will get the ultimate protection with this dashcam as it records the road in front and the car interior at the same time. You will get the crisp 135° wide camera angle and the video in full HD 1080p resolution for the front recording camera. The inside camera has a sharp 720p HD quality and comes with the 10 infra-red light bulbs for an excellent night vision.

Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam

Immediate Evidence On The Free App

Before you start using this dash cam inside the car you will have to pair it with the Nexar app. The app can be downloaded on your phone for free. That way you can watch the live stream footage on your phone each time you drive or simply rewatch the videos later. The app will work in the background all the time when you are driving, but you can still use the other apps. Keep in mind that the Nexar Pro dash cam and the Nexar app are compatible only with the iPhone 7 or higher.

Smart Detections And Free Cloud Backup

The camera will save all of the footage on the SD card. You can choose between the model that has the 32GB or 128GB memory card. The first one can save up to 4 hours of footage, while the second one can save up to 16 hours of footage. The footage is also automatically saved on the unlimited Nexar cloud account which you get with every Nexar dash cam you buy.

Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam review

GPS And Post-Collision Reports

Once there is a collision, this dash cam will automatically create a detailed report of when and where it happened with the help of the GPS feature. It will also report the driving speed and G-force impact. Those reports are widely accepted by different insurance companies.


  • 135° wide front camera angle
  • full HD 1080p resolution for the front camera
  • 720p HD quality for the inside lens
  • compatible only with the iPhone
  • Comes with the SD card

Best Dash Cam Front Rear And Inside

Pruveeo D40 Three And Dual Channel Dash Cam

Three Or Two Channel Recording Mode

With the Puveeo D40 dash cam model, you can choose between the two and three-channel recording models. That means you get the front, rear and interior dash cam. The front camera records at the speed of 30 fps and the resolution of 1080p. The interior and rear camera footage are combined into one video file at the resolution of 2304×648. If you choose the two-channel mode the front and the inside camera record only at the resolution of 1080p.

Pruveeo D40 Three Channel Dashcam

The Best Night Vision Feature

The inside camera comes with the 4 infrared lights and F1.8 aperture, which allow you to record clear videos even in the darkest conditions. Also, you get the waterproof rear camera that can be installed on the outside of your car. The rear camera has the built-in latest high sensitive night vision image sensor so you also get the best possible image in the dark.

Pruveeo D40 Three Channel Dashcam review

Built-In Wifi And G-Sensor

With this dash cam, you will get the wifi to connect to your smartphone. Also, you will get the free app you can download on your phone. With the G-sensor all of the crucial footage recorded at the time of the accident will be locked and saved. You can buy the SD card class 10 or higher with the capacity up to 128 GB, to save all of the footage on.


  • two-channel mode
  • Three-channel mode
  • 1080p resolution
  • G-sensor

Best Camera For Car Inside And Outside

Awesafe Dual Dash Cam for Cars

Protects You From All Sides

With the Awesafe dual dash camera, you will get the 170-degree wide-angle for the front camera. The front camera will record in the resolution of 1080p, and it records the front of the road and the cabin at the same time. The rear lens has a 120-degree wide viewing angle and records in the resolution of 720p. It is a great solution for Lyft, Uber, and Taxi drivers who need to know what is happening around them, but also inside of their car at all times.

Awesafe Dual Dash Cam for Cars

Clear And Sharp Night Vision Footage

With the Novatek NT96658 CPU and the Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor, you can capture video and audio at the 1080p resolution, which I san amazing additional features. You will also get the 6G lens, F2.0 large aperture, and WDR which all contribute to the best night vision possible.

Other Features You Get

There are a few features that are included with this dash cam make the experience of using this dash cam so much better. You will get the motion detection, parking mode, loop recording, G-sensor lock, record audio, take a photo, auto startup, and shutdown feature, video playback feature and many others.

Awesafe Dual Dash Cam for Cars review

Easy Operation And Installation

You will be glad to hear that this car camera for inside can be installed in just a couple of minutes. After that, it will start recording once you start the engine of the car. You will even get short video tutorials on how to use it. With it, you get the 30-day full refund option if you don’t like this dash cam and one-year warranty if there are any defects.


  • 120-degree wide rear viewing angle
  • 170-degree wide-angle for the front camera
  • Novatek NT96658 CPU and Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor
  • one-year warranty

Best Hidden Camera For Inside Car

Bonvenon Car Dash Cam Front Inside Rear

Three-Lens Dash Camera For Full Range Protection

The Bonvenon car dash camera is a three-lens dash camera that records the front, inside and the back of your car. That means you get a full range of monitoring with this dash camera. The front camera is great for recording the road in front of you, while the rear one is used as parking assistance. The inside camera is a great benefit if you are an uber or taxi driver.

Bonvenon Car Dash Cam Front Inside Rear

Parking Assistance And Monitoring

Due to the rear camera, you will get some guidelines when you start parking in reverse. But you will also get the parking mode which will record if it detects any sudden movements surrounding your parked car. That footage can be then used as evidence if someone tries to steal or damage your car in any way.

Recording Features

With this interior dash cam, you get the built-in G-sensor acceleration transducer. When the sensor senses any sudden accelerations, braking or collisions it will record and lock all of that critical footage. That way later the loop recording feature won’t be able to delete it when you run out of free space on the SD card.

Bonvenon Car Dash Cam Front Inside Rear review

What Does The Package Include?

In the package, you can find the car charger, display with two cameras, a rear camera with the power cord, holder and the USB cable. The display is a 4-ich IPS screen.  Also, you get all of the instructions in the user manual. That way you can install this inside car camera on your own in just a few minutes.


  • parking assistance
  • 4-ich IPS screen
  • G-sensor acceleration transducer

Best Dash Cam Front And Inside

Cooau Uber Dual Dash Cam

FHD 1080p Dual Dash Cam

Last but not least on our best inside car camera list is the model by the brand Cooau. It is the dual car camera that can capture everything that is going on in front of the car and inside the cabin. All of the footage is recorded simultaneously at the 1080p HD resolution. You will get the F1.8 large aperture with a 170°wide viewing angle that can cover up to 6 lanes at once, with no blind spots.

Cooau Uber Dual Dash Cam

Infrared Night Vision And Sensor

You will also get the dual Sony IMX323 sensor and Novatek NT96663 processor which in combination with the F1.8 aperture offers a significant increase in light throughput. Another feature is the WDR technology that gives you excellent license plate and road signs readability. The interior dash cam also comes surrounded with 4 infrared LED lights and performs very well in poor lighting conditions.

Discreet Design But Powerful

This dash cam has a stealthy tube shape and is made out of solid weighty plastic. It can be mounted behind the rearview mirror inside of your car. Some other features it includes are the Parking Mode, G-sensor and the seamless loop recording. You can get the SD card up to 128 GB in size.

Cooau Uber Dual Dash Cam review

Reliable And Personalized Features

You won’t get the regular lithium battery with this dash cam, but the supercapacitor instead. It can withstand different high temperatures and it has a longer lifespan when you compare it to the lithium battery. Another great feature is that you can set your car license plate and it will be printed on video as watermarking. Also, the fatigue driving alert will remind you to rest on time for your drive to be as safe as possible.


  • 1080p HD resolution
  • covers up to 6 lanes at once
  • Front and interior lens

Conclusion: What Is In Our Opinion The Best Dash Cam Inside Car Worth Buying?

In my opinion, two of the best cameras to record inside the car are the Nexar Pro model and Pruveeo D40 dashcam. The first one comes with the front and inside the camera, while the second one has the additional rear camera. Both record in the full HD 1080p resolution and come with many other advanced features.

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