Do you want to have outside of your car captured and filmed if the accident occurs?

What is it like to have a reliable witness in your car that filmed everything right in that crucial moment? And do you want to protect yourself from paying the insurance cost?

If so, Thinkware dash cam is the answer. Today I will present best Thinkware dash cameras for sale on the market. Thinkware camera; let’s start!


Thinkware Dash Cam: Your Trusted Dash Cam Brand

Who Is Thinkware Singapore?

Thinkware Singapore is a world’s leading top 10 leading car brand. It provides smart and innovative car hi-tech gadgets, such as car navigations and dash cameras. It has 144 quality control stages, 400 employees, and makes 45% of the Korean market. Thinkware has it’s stores in over 800 cities over the world.

What About Thinkware Dash Cams?

Thinkware dash cams have a rising global popularity because of their reliable and secure way of storing video evidences while driving. Biggest market for Thinkware are North America (both USA and Canada) and, since 2010, Singapore. They claim to have innovative technology, award-winning products, and are customer oriented. Thinkware Singapore is a leading in a car electronics distribution.

Where To Buy Thinkware Dash Cams?

Besides over 800 stores worldwide mentioned, there is online shopping. The safest way of buying these dash cams online is on Amazon. We highly recommend Amazon as a top online world-wide seller whith highest level of safety. Chech for the special discounts, as they are present very often.

Thinkware Dash Cams Price Comparison

Thinkware camera is a very luxurious car dash cam. Comparing to other dash cam companies, it is pricey. With it’s impeccable design and hi-tech solutions, it is a truly unique company that leaves no dash cam solution to chance.

Micro-SD And Main Dash Cam Warranty

Thinkware warranty covers the following situations: deficients in material and workmanship under normal use. They will replace or repair the product. If the model is no longer on the market, they will use similar products or parts.  Micro-SD card warranty is 6 months long, and main dash cam warranty is 18 months long. If this procedure fails, the buyer should explain the problem in the store where he purchased device.

Best 5 Thinkware Dash Cam Reviews

Thinkware DashCam F770

Design And Shape

Thinkware F770 has a truly great design. Elegant, dark color, low-profile design, discreet shape and matte finish make it appealing on the outside. Cable management flap is also well designed. The buttons on the device are big enough, so it makes the operations easy.

Thinkware DashCam F770

Camera And Timelapse Function

Thinkware F770 is equipped2.19MP Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor paired with 140 degree viewing angle. Super night vision improves video clarity at night. Timelapse function for parking mode takes 1 frame per second video, so it takes less space than the usual parking mode. It plays back 15 times faster, but it doesn’t record audio. To be fully secure with your memory card, you can put in SD card up to 128GB microSD support.

Dual Save Mode

Dual save mode makes your Thinkware F770, if the power is cut, to save the video to internal memory card. This feature makes f770 save on both internal memory and SD card.

Thinkware DashCam F770 review


Thinkware is special for it’s double Full HD: there is 1080P Full HD in the front, and 1080P Full HD rear recording. There is built-in WiFi that comes with mobile device app (Android and iOS) and built-in GPS system. Maximum micro SD capacity is 64GB. GPS system is made exclusively for the USA market.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Thinkware F770 has two advanced driver assistance features. The first is forward collision warning system which warns the driver if the car is too close to the danger on the road. The second one is lane departure warning system that detects if the car is off the road.


  • 4.3 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches
  • double 1080P Full HD
  • Sony Exmor Sensor, wide angle, super night vision
  • timelapse recording, parking surveillance mode
  • WiFi and GPS
  • Gravity sensor
  • warning systems

Thinkware DashCam F200

1080P Full HD Camera

Thinkware F200 makes a decent video quality with 1080P Full HD. It also has wide dynamic range, and a night quality. Thinkware dash cam F200’s viewing angle is 1400 degree and distortion-free.

Thinkware DashCam F200

Multiple Recording Modes

Thinkware F200 has a multiple recording modes and file managements you can choose according to your needs. There is also built-in WiFi which you can connect to your mobile phone and easily download and view your recordings.

Extreme Temperatures

This dash cam is perfect for extreme temperatures. It has built-in thermal protection powered with supercapacitor. Thermal sensor is built-in Thinkware F200 too.

Thinkware DashCam F200 review

Advanced Parking Surveillance Mode

This feature protects the car while it is not on. This mode consists of impact detection (captures hit-and-run situations), motion detection(caption any motions outside vehicles), and  energy saving in parking mode (sleep-mode while the car is parked).

Safety Camera Alerts And Anti-File Corruption

If you add the optional GPS antenna, you can track photo enforced areas with your Thinkware F200’s GPS system.
Anti-file corruption protects memory card from data corruptions. It makes your dash cam save the footages automatically on the micro SD card.


  • 33.9 x 0.9 x 1.3 inches
  • 1080P Full HD, wide dynamic range, night quality, wide angle
  • multiple recording modes and file management
  • thermal protection
  • advanced parking surveillance mode
  • safety camera allerts, anti-file corruption

Thinkware DashCam F50

One Of The Smallest Dash Cams On The Market

Thinkware F50 is so small, you will barely notice it. Ideal for the drivers who want the discreet, non-visible to the others dash cam.

Thinkware DashCam F50

1080P Full HD And Sony Exmor Sensor

Thinkware F50 may be small, but makes crisp footages. 1080p Full HD and Sony exmor CMOS sensor make the video quality astonishing. It has 135 degree wide viewing angle, which is smaller than the usual 140 degree angle. It films 30 frames per second.

Integrated Thermal Sensor And Supercapacitor

These features make Thinkware F50 adaptable to extreme temperatures. When the car is too hot,thermal sensor automatically turns off the Thinkware dash cam F50. Supercapacitor is the alternative to the usual lithion-ion batteries that could possibly cause explosion during the heath.

Thinkware DashCam F50 review

PC Viewer

Footages filmed with your Thinkware F50 can be easily viewed on your PC (Windows and Mac OS) in your Video Playlist Manager. There is a front-camera display and a Google maps display.


  • 3.07 x 1.24 X 1.38 inch
  • 1080p Full HD, Sony Exmor sensor
  • thermal protection, supercapacitor
  • anti-file corruption, parking mode
  • safety camera alerts
  • PC viewer

Thinkware DashCam F800PRO

Optimal Resolution And Rich Colors

Thinkware F800PRO gives your footages rich,bright colors and great resolution. Front and rear resolutions of your Thinkware dash cam F800PRO are both in 1080P Full HD. F800’s both dash cameras have a 2.13 MP Sony Starvis technology and a super night vision 2.0. Super night vision reduces noises and builds-up quality of low-light condition footages. F800PRO has a wide viewing angle, wide dynamic range, 30 frames per second included.

Thinkware DashCam F800PRO

Thinkware Cloud

With the built-in GPS antenna, it is possible to find the current car location, speed, and a travel direction with the help of Google Maps with your Thinkware F800PRO. Besides checking the location, Thinkware Cloud makes your F800PRO recieve notifications directly on your mobile device.

Thinkware DashCam F800PRO review

Thinkware F800PRO’s Advanced Driver Assistance System

Thinkware F800PRO has a 3 type advanced driver assistance system. These are: the forward collision warning system, front vehicle departure system, and a lane departure warning system.


  • double 1080P Full HD, Sony Starvis technology, super night vision 2.0
  • Wide viewing angle, wide dynamic range, 30 fps
  • WiFi, GPS, Thinkware cloud
  • parking mode, energy saving mode, safety camera alert
  • advanced driver assistance system
  • integrated thermal protection, anti-file corruption

Conclusion: Which Thinkware DashCam Do You Need?

If you are looking for a reliable Thinkware camera with great performances that will be good value-for-money, Thinkware F700 dash camis the right dash cam for you. Discreet design, 1080P Full HD, 2.19MP Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor, and a parking mode make this camera truly great. But, if you want to try premium dash cam, than maybe Thinkware F800PRO dash cam is the answer. Double 1080P Full HD, double 2.13 MP Sony Starvis technology, super night vision 2.0, and an advanced driver assistance system will make the usage of this dash cam a true tech-pleasure.

If you have found your perfect dash camera yet, read my post about best dash cam models, and mayble you will find something great. You can read about cheap dash camera shere, and also about dual dash cams.