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You can find out all about the night vision dahs cameras and where to get them. We gathered some of the best night vision car camera models and reviewed them here for you. We hope this article will help you make a decision and find the best option for you!


Things To Know When Buying A Car Night Vision Dash Camera

What Is A Night Vision Camera For Car?

A night vision camera for the car is very similar to the regular dash cam that is used to record the road while you are driving. But this one comes with the special night vision feature which helps to record videos and take pictures of the same quality as at day time. They use certain technologies such as WDR and HDR for better clarity.

What Are The Best Night Vision Driving Camera Brands?

Nowadays, most brands include night vision mode with their dash camera, so there is a lot to choose from. When it comes to night vision dashboard camera brands some of the best ones are Blackvue, Blackweb, Blaupunkt, Garmin, Nextbase, Uniden, Vanture, etc. Some of them we also reviewed below. If you are interested to know what they are, read the full article!

Where to buy a dash cam for night driving?

The best place to buy a dash cam is online, but you can also find them in physical stores. Online you can find the biggest variety of different models and brands. We recommend, where you can find all of the models we mentioned below and much more. They deliver worldwide so it doesn’t matter where you are from.

Best 5 Night Vision Dash Cam Reviews

Best Front And Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision

Blackvue DR900S-2CH Dash Cam

Dual Camera Options

The first best dash cam for cars with night vision we are going to mention in this article is the Blackvue dr900s night vision model. It comes with the front and rear camera which both have full HD lenses. The front lens is 8 Megapixels, while the rear one is 2.1 megapixels and has the CMOS sensor which gives it enhanced night vision. The front camera has an ultra-wide 162-degree viewing angle, while the rear one has a 139-degree angle. That way all of the critical details are captured while driving.

Blackvue DR900S-2CH Dash Cam

Built-in GPS Module

You will get the GPS feature built-in with this night vision model. You can use it to track your current speed as well as location. Another benefit is that the speed can be shown in kilometers per hour or miles per hour, depending on what you prefer. The GPS feature can easily be turned off when you don’t want to use it anymore.

Blackvue DR900S-2CH Dash Cam review

Built-In Dual Band Wifi

This dash cam front and rear night vision come with the dual-band 2.45 GHz Wifi. Therefore, you can connect the dash cam to your phone and use it to download or share videos much faster. You will also get a free cloud service where you can save your videos for free.


  • Front and rear camera
  • GPS included
  • CMOS sensor for night vision

Best Dash Cam With Night Vision And Parking Mode

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Dual Lens Features

The second best night vision dash came we reviewed in detail for you is the Vantrue N2 pro uber dual dash cam infrared night vision model. That model has a front and inside the camera that both record in 1080p resolution. The front lens comes with a 170-degree angle and the inside lens has a 140-degree wide viewing angle. You will also get the 4 IR LED lights, Sony IMX323 sensor and f/2.0 aperture that allows you to record in high quality and clarity in low lighting conditions.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

24 Hours Parking Mode

Another benefit is the Parking mode that records automatically when any kind of motion has been sensed next to your parked car. Videos recorded at those times are automatically saved and can be used as evidence in court or with your insurance company. The time-lapse function will take photos automatically in specific intervals and then edit them together into a short video clip.

Recording Options

You will get the Loop Recording feature which will overwrite the oldest footage with the newest one when the memory card capacity is full. With the G-sensor that can automatically detect sudden shake and collisions, you will be able to lock the emergency footage and prevent it from being overwritten.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam review

GPS And Storage

With the built-in GPS feature, you can always know your location and speed, which can be very useful. But you will have to purchase the extra GPS mount that doesn’t come in the package. The recorded videos are saved on the micro SD card, which you will also have to buy on your own. They can be up to 256 GB in size.

Other Specifications

There is an 18-month warranty with the 24/7 customer support system you can reach through email. This dash cam will work no matter where you live as it has an operating temperature from -4° to 158°F. Since it comes with an inside camera you can use it with uber, taxi or if you have small children and you want to be able to see them when you are driving. You will need 12V and 24V vehicles for this dash camera.


  • 170-degree front viewing angle
  • 140-degree inside viewing angle
  • Built-in GPS module
  • 24/7 customer support system via email
  • SD card up to 256 GB

Best Mini Night Vision Camera

Garmin Dash Cam 45

Lens and LCD screen

Garmin dash cam 45-night vision is the next best dash camera with night vision we wanted to review for you today. This is an extremely tiny and unnoticeable dash camera that won’t take up a lot of the space once it has been installed on the windshield of your car. There is a high-quality 2.1-megapixel camera that has a 1080p lens. You also get a 2.0-inch LCD screen you can use to watch all of the stuff that is being recorded.

Garmin Dash Cam 45

Safety And Warnings

Another great thing about this night vision camera is that it has alerts and warnings included that help you drive more safely. With the Lane Departure Warning you get a warning in the moment you start drifting away from your lane. Another alert is the Forward Collision Warning that alerts you if you are driving way to close to the car that’s in front of you. You’ll also get the red light and speed camera warnings about the red light cameras and speed cameras that are about to be on the road.

Wirelessly Sync Videos

Another feature of this dash cam is that it comes with a built-in Wifi. That means you will be able to connect the camera to your smartphone and sync the videos after you downloaded the free VIRB app. It also makes it super easy to share the videos with your friends, family, legal authorities or insurance agencies.

Garmin Dash Cam 45 review

GPS Included

You will get the GPS feature included with this night vision dash camera. The G-sensor will automatically determine your current location and speed. That way for all of the saved footage you will know when and where the event happened.


  • 1-megapixel camera
  • 1080p video capture
  • 0-inch LCD
  • built-in Wifi

Best Dash Cam With Motion Sensor And Night Vision

LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera

Full HD Resolution

Another one of the dashcam with good night vision is the Lanmodo car night vision camera. It comes with the full-color image and 1920×1080 resolution even when you are recording at night. The camera has a 36° HD wide-angle vision and the night vision can extend up to 300 m. The 7 glass lens with an infrared optical filter allows for more clear and brighter images

LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera

Good For Rainy And Foggy Days

Because about 40 % of the traffic accidents happen during the night or on heavy rain or foggy days when the visibility is low, there is a LANMODO automotive car night vision feature. With it, you will get to record crystal-clear videos no matter the weather or road conditions.

LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera review

Other Specifications

This super night vision dash cam is ideal for almost all climates. It works on temperatures between -4° and 176°F. The great thing about it is that you can turn it into a portable night vision device if you use an additional 12V battery. Then you can use it for camping, hunting, boating, fishing, etc. You will also get a 12-month warranty with this dashcam.


  • 36° HD Wide-angle Vision
  • 1080P HD Full-Color Image at Night
  • Night View Distance up to 984 feet

Best HD Dash Cam With Night Vision

Nextbase Dashcam 112

Lens Specifications

The last night vision dash cam we are going to mention here is the Nextbase 112 model. This one comes with the 720p HD recording capabilities, 2.0-inches LED color screen as well as the 5-element glass lens. The viewing angle on this camera is 120 degrees.

Nextbase Dashcam 112

Recording Options

With this night vision dash camera, you will get the loop recording feature. With that feature, you can record non stop and automatically save all of the videos on the SD card. Once the memory card is full the loop recording feature will overwrite the oldest footage with the newest one. You will also get the feature that allows you a still image option even when driving at full speed.

Nextbase Dashcam 112 review

What’s In The Package?

In the box, you can find the Nextbase 112 Go Dash Cam, magnetic mount for your windshield, 4m cigarette lighter power cable, 1.2m USB mini cable as well as the quick start guide with all of the instructions. Installation is easy and you will only have to do it once. You will also get a built-in backup battery which will provide up to 30 minutes of extra power in case of an accident.


  • 720p HD resolution
  • 0-inches LED color screen
  • 5-element glass lens
  • 120 degrees viewing angle

Conclusion: What Is The Best Night Vision Dash We Recommend?

In my opinion, the best dash cams with night vision 2018 are Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam model and the Blackvue DR900S-2CH model. The first one comes with the 170-degree angle front and 140-degree angle inside cam as well as the Sony IMX323 sensor for an excellent night vision. The second one comes with the CMOS sensor for night vision and both front and rear cameras with full HD resolution.

If you are interested in the best dash cam models, take a look at another one of our articles! We have another article that talks about the top cheap dash cam models if you are interested. If you are on a hunt for a hidden car camera, we advise you to read this article before you make your decision.