Have you been looking to buy a wifi dash cam but don’t know which models are the best?

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With so many different options on the market nowadays, it is hard to choose which model to buy. That is why here we gathered all of the information you simply need to know about dash cams along with the reviews on the five most popular models in this category. We hope you enjoy and find this article helpful.


Things To Know About Wifi Dash Cam Models

What Is A Wireless Dash Cam?

A wireless dash cam is a camera that you can mount to your car’s windshield or rearview mirror and it records the road while you are driving. What sets the wireless dash cams from the rest is the fact that it requires no wires or cables for the installation and set up.

What Other Features Do Wifi Dash Cams Have?

These cordless dashcams also have built-in wifi and sometimes even Bluetooth features. That way you can easily connect them to your phone or any other smart device. You can then easily playback, edit, download and even share the footage with others no matter where you are.

What Are The Best Wireless Dash Cam Models?

There are many wireless dash cam options on the market nowadays. Some of the most popular are Worldtech car reverse camera with Bluetooth, Nextbase wireless dash cam, Pearl rear vision wireless car backup camera, Garmin wireless dash cam and a few others. To see which ones we chose as our top pick, read this article to the end.

Best 5 Wireless Dash Cam For Car Reviews

Best Wireless Backup Camera For Car

Podofo Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera

Built-In Wifi And Screen

The fist wireless car camera we are going to mention in this article is by the brand Podofo. It is a camera that comes with the 7-inch monitor and needs 2.4GHz wifi connection to work. On the screen, you get to see all of what’s being recorded in high resolution and full color. It is important to keep the monitor and camera on a distance of at least 2 meters for the best signal.

Podofo Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera

Camera And Lens Specifications

With this camera, all of the recorded footage has the resolution of 800RGB x480 dots. You will also get the built-in wireless transmitter that comes with 18 individual infrared LED lights for Night vision mode. Therefore, the footage recorded at night is the same quality, like the footage recorded at day time. The lens comes with a 120-degree wide viewing angle.

Materials And Design

This Podofo wireless car backup camera is made out of aluminum which makes it durable and long-lasting. It has an IP 67 waterproof grade design and a mud-proof design, which means it can endure different weather conditions. The working temperature that this dash cam can endure is between  -20 ° C and 70° C.

Podofo Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera review

In The Package

With this car back up the camera, you will also get a 7-inch car monitor, two antennas, two power cables, one remote controller, one mount bracket and one user manual. In the user manual, you can find all of the instructions regarding the setup and use.


  • 120-degree wide viewing angle
  • 7-inch monitor
  • IP 67 waterproof grade design
  • 18 individual infrared LED lights for Night vision mode

Best Bluetooth Dash Cam For Android

Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Small And Compact In Size

The next wireless dash camera we are going to mention in this article is the Garmin mini dash cam. This Garmin wireless dash cam has the size of your car keys but records all of the videos very precisely and automatically. Once it is mounted on the windshield of your car it is almost unnoticeable. The measurements of this dashboard camera are 1.2 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches and it weighs less than one ounce.

Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Automatic Recording And Storage Features

The dashcam wireless model comes with the 140-degree wide viewing angle and all of the footage is recorded in 1080p HD resolution. Once it was recorded all of the footage is automatically saved on the SD memory card which unfortunately isn’t included in the package. But it does support the micro SD cards of 8 GB class 10 or faster, which you will have to buy separately.

Connectivity and Compatibility

An additional benefit of this wifi car camera is that it comes with the built-in Bluetooth technology and Wifi connectivity. That allows you to connect it to your smartphone after you have downloaded the Garmin Drive app on it. Through the app, you can view, edit, download and share the footage no matter where you are fast and easy. If you have more than one Garmin dash cam you can connect up to 4 of them on your smartphone by using that app.

Garmin Dash Cam Mini review

Set It Up And Forget About It

The installation of this Bluetooth camera for the car is super easy. All you have to do is mount it behind your rearview mirror, with the suction cup and adhesive stickers. After you have done that you need to plug it into the vehicle’s power source. It will automatically start recording and saving all of the videos after that.


  • 140-degree wide viewing angle
  • Records in 1080p resolution
  • Easy setup

Best Mini Wifi Dash Cam

Nextbase 222 Dash Cam

High-Resolution Recording

Another one of the cordless dash cam models we want to share with you today is the Nextbase wireless dash cam, more precisely the 222 models. This one comes with the lens that records the road in a 1080p HD resolution with the 140-degree wide viewing angle. It comes with the 5″ high resolution viewing screen where you can see what’s being recorded at the moment.

Nextbase 222 Dash Cam

Compact Design And Innovative Features

One of the benefits of this wifi dash cam is that it comes with a 35% smaller design which makes sit sleeker and more discreet than the rest of the dash cams from this brand. Dimensions of this model are 6 x 3 x 5 inches.  It comes with many new and innovative features such as the high precision G Sensor and Intelligent Parking Mode.

Click&Go PRO Mount

Another feature that this wireless dash cam has to offer is the integrated magnetic power connector which helps to install and also remove your dash cam easily. The power cable installs directly into the car mount which allows the dashcam ability to be completely wireless.

Nextbase 222 Dash Cam review

Cloud Storage Option

All of the footage can be saved on the free MyNextbase cloud storage. There you can also playback all of the videos at any time and share them with your friends and family. You can also connect the dash camera to your phone and use your phone to reach the footage saved on the cloud. Another benefit is that you won’t have to spend extra money on the SD card as you do with many other dash cam models.


  • 1080p full HD recording
  • 140° wide viewing angle
  • 5″ HD IPS screen
  • Exclusive new click&go pro powered car mount
  • Intelligent parking mode

Best Wireless Dash Cam And Radar Combo

Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam

Radar And Dash Cam Combination

The next model on our best wireless dashboard camera list is the Cobra drive HD dual channel dash cam with Bluetooth. This is a two-in-one radar detector and a dahs cam which can capture and share all of the unexpected moments on the road. With the built-in Bluetooth feature, you can get alerts on the Cobra iRadar app.

Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam

Dash Camera Features

The dash camera on this model records all of the footage in the crystal clear full HD 1080p resolution. The camera is optimized for both day time and night time recording. You also get the G-sensor and Loop recording feature which allows you to continuously record the road while you are driving but also to lock the footage taken at the time of the accident.

Radar Detector Features

You will also get a very intelligent, long-range radar/laser detection which will detect and warn you about all of the threats on the roads ahead of you. It also has a feature that will reduce the constant false alerts. You will also get the built-in GPS feature that will detect your current location, speed and time.

Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam review

Equipment Included

Aside from this wifi dashcam and radar combination, you will also get a few accessories included in the package. You will get the heavy-duty EZ mag mount, 16 GB SD card where all of the footage is saved automatically, smart cord and the micro USB cable. You will also get a convenient carry case.


  • built-in GPS feature
  • 16 GB SD card included
  • full HD 1080p resolution
  • day time and night time recording

Best Wifi GPS Dash Cam

Vava Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera

Wide Angle And HD Resolution Lens

The last wireless Bluetooth camera for the car we are going to mention is by the brand VAVA. It is a powerful 1080P Full HD resolution camera that comes with the 155° viewing angle. But you can manually swivel the camera up to 360 degrees to capture the footage outside and inside of the car. You also get a very powerful Novatek NT96663 CPU that records at 60 frames per second. With the Sony IMX291 sensor and f/2.0 aperture, you can record HD footage in low lighting conditions.

Vava Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera

Dash Cam With Wifi And App

Since this dash cam has the built-in Wifi you can connect it to the app on your phone. The app is free to download for anyone who purchases this dash cam model. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. By using the VAVA dash app on your phone you can live-stream the videos, download and save the footage and share it with your friends and family. Another great thing you can due to the app is to edit the videos.

Built-In GPS Feature

An additional feature of this wireless dash cam is that has a built-in GPS. That way you can detect your current speed, location and the exact coordinates of your car. That is a feature very beneficial for traveling. You can also share your travel long through the app and the location will be displayed within the application by using the Google maps.

Vava Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera review

Automatic Video Storage

After this wireless camera has been turned on it will automatically start recording. All of the footage is then saved on the external memory SD card. All of the footage which was recorded at times of collisions and accidents will be locked and therefore cannot be deleted. Later you will be able to use them as evidence to police or insurance companies.

In The Package

Aside from the VAVA dash cam, you will also get a car mount, snapshot button, car charger and the micro USB cable with a GPS module. It supports SD cards from 32 to 128 GB, but you will have to buy it separately as it is not included in the package. We recommend the Samsung Evo Card.


  • 155° viewing angle
  • powerful Novatek NT96663 CPU
  • built-in GPS

Conclusion: What Is The Best Wireless Dash Camera?

After reviewing our top five picks when it comes to wireless dash cameras, we choose two models as the best ones. The Vava wifi dash camera that comes with the wide viewing angle, full HD resolution, and the built-in GPS feature which is great for traveling. The Garmin mini dash camera comes with a 140-degree wide viewing angle, 1080p resolution of the footage and built-in wifi and Bluetooth technology.

If you are interested to read all about the different dash cam categories and the best dash cams for each of those categories, check out this article. We also have detailed reviews on the top 5 most popular 360 car cams if you are interested in reading it. To read all about the best 4k dash cam models, click this link.